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The Shale Revolution: Frac Fleet Emissions

April 8, 2022

While the benefits of the shale revolution are manifest, nothing comes for free. Nothing is without impact. Liberty and our whole industry work tirelessly to reduce the impacts of oil and gas production locally and globally. Liberty has developed extremely quiet fracturing fleets to mitigate the impacts when shale development is in towns or cities.

Pressure Control Equipment

April 28, 2021

This week Liberty’s Pressure Control Equipment Lead, Janet Fuchs, is breaking down each element of pressure control equipment used on wireline locations, as well as discussing how Liberty handles well pressure.

Greaseless Wireline Cables

April 14, 2021

Join Liberty Demand Management Engineer, Ryan Wachtstetter, as he discusses the different cable types in today’s industry as well as why greaseless wireline is the standard for Liberty.

Perforating Guns

April 1, 2021

Liberty Account Representative, Grace Bol, discusses perforating guns: how they came about, how they are used, and the basic mechanics of this wireline component.

Introduction to Wireline

March 17, 2021

Wireline Manager, Felix Dorante, gives a brief introduction into Liberty’s new product line and a basic overview on “What is Wireline?”

How Do We Distinguish Net (Frac) Pressure from Friction Pressures?

December 16, 2020

Friction along the wellbore, through the perforations and the near-wellbore area of the fracture can hide from us what is truly happening with frac pressures downhole.  As VP of Engineering, Leen  Weijers, demonstrates here in a comparable situation while he inflates a bike tire, there is a simple solution to obtaining an accurate downhole –…

What Is Net Pressure and Why Is It So Important?

November 18, 2020

In this home educational video, VP of Engineering, Leen Weijers, inflates the tire of his wheel barrow to introduce concepts of net pressure and closure stress, and shows how fracture width and net pressure are related.  

Shale Well Evolution in Five Easy Pieces

August 10, 2020

Hydraulic Fracturing has been around since 1947 – and a lot has changed since then. Dr. Ouigee (Leen Weijers) breaks down the evolution of shale wells, covering the transition of technology and progress made in horizontal fracturing in five easy pieces.

Natural Gas is Natural

June 29, 2020
natural gas is natural

Natural gas occurs naturally in many more places than you think. Doc Ouigee explores wetlands and ponds near his CO home to find natural gas and explains hyped videos of water faucets catching fire are not associated with hydraulic fracturing activity.

Poisson’s Ratio

June 15, 2020

Liberty’s Doc Ouigee demonstrates in his Home Frac Lab how we can measure Poisson’s Ratio and why it is important for frac design optimization.